Neglect and Muffins

My parents have this cat. Miss Kitty. She’s 18 years old and she’s looking a little rough around the edges. She’s blind and I think she may be going deaf, her back legs don’t work so well, and if she weighs more than five pounds, I’d be surprised. My parents went away for a couple weeks and asked if I’d stay here to look after Kitty. The neighbours were going to do it, but I think they’re a little worried that kitty may die on their watch. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain, which is good, and she as a healthy appetite, but she gets lost and confused and frequently runs into walls. And she doesn’t like to be alone.

How does cooking fit into this?

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So last week, we were all laid off. By all of us, I mean Dave, Chris, Kristy, and myself. Now, Dave and Chris were given positions immediately. I’ve submitted a resume for a chance to go overseas, but in the meantime, I’m finding ways to amuse myself. One of these amusements is cream of potato soup. This is a top five favourite dish of mine. When I went to Germany in 1999, it was one of the few things I ordered when eating out, since I could actually figure it out on the menu (I knew the fish too, but that’s another story).

Anyway! While washing clothes this afternoon, I decided that I would like mashed potatoes for lunch. Then I got to thinking that within two hours of lunch, Dave would be home. And Dave would want to cook dinner. So why don’t I boil up a lot of potatoes, mash some of them, and turn the rest into cream of potato soup? We have milk, we have chicken broth, we have a billion pounds of potatoes, what could go wrong?

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I’m not dead!

Really not, I just lost the writing bug temporarily and there was a huge kerfuffle with me losing my job, and getting a new one, and getting thrown into five weeks of training in six days. Either way, more cooking posts will be coming, including one by Tracy!

Rösti Toasty!

So I haven’t posted in two weeks and for that I sincerely apologize! I have failed all of you, and will try to make it up to you with my witty witticisms and… something. You’ll also notice that rosti is sometimes spelled here with an umlaut, and sometimes not. The reason for this is I am lazy. Screw you.

Anyways, the sad part here is that I haven’t done a huge amount of proper cooking in the past while anyways, and so not only is the post two weeks late, but it’s also a two week old meal. It was a pretty good one, though!

The day was Sunday, December 2nd. It was a different, simple time for us. We were but young and innocent. Tracy’s father and mother had been invited out to a delicious dinner, with Tracy’s father promising to fix a couple of our light fixtures. As our place is a rancid shithole, the light fixtures were a welcome addition, and it gave me an excuse to try and prepare something proper in our kitchen.

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New Blog Banner!

We’d like to give a huge thank you to our friend Terri (Pterridactyl) Laboucane for the banner art! Terri rocks!

Note: The sizing issues are purely my fault. I’m working on it!

Rachael Ray Bein' Crazy

Okay, so there’s no brick.

Anyways, I stumbled across this recipe on an episode of 30 minute meals I left on while doing something more important. It looked tasty so hell, why not? I’ve never tried a Rachel Ray recipe, and you know… we’re kind of kindred spirits!

We both have no formal training as a cook, we’re both horribly under qualified should we attempt to work in a serious kitchen, we both have relatively chipper personalities, everything we plate looks like horse shit, and we both babble incoherently.

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Cat Pot Pie

It is currently 12AM, Monday morning/Sunday night, and it’s been one hell of a lousy weekend. Saturday was spent putting together furniture and fantasizing about suicide and/or homicide, and Saturday night was spent hunting down my rat faced shitbastard of a cat, Izzy, who had broken a brand new lamp.

To compound this, Katzilla, our other cat, was also being an absolute terror, and because of our two furry companions Tracy and I slept around six hours between the two of us. So for Sunday’s offering, I’ve decided to bake my kitten Izzy into a delicious pie.

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