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I’m not dead!

Really not, I just lost the writing bug temporarily and there was a huge kerfuffle with me losing my job, and getting a new one, and getting thrown into five weeks of training in six days. Either way, more cooking posts will be coming, including one by Tracy!


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New Blog Banner!

We’d like to give a huge thank you to our friend Terri (Pterridactyl) Laboucane for the banner art! Terri rocks!

Note: The sizing issues are purely my fault. I’m working on it!

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Greetings, mortals.

So, I’m starting a blog.

I’ve actually been attempting to do something like this for months now. My girlfriend Tracy is an avid blogger, and has a continual stream of blogs which she will start, begin to get an audience with, and then promptly euthanize before anything significant becomes of it. I think over the last year and a half she’s murdered a good seven or so blogs. During all of this, she’s constantly peppered me with requests to start up a blog. I have a lot to say, I enjoy writing, and I’m opinionated… just very, very lazy. I could never think of a theme, as I think I’m hardly interesting enough to warrant the egocentrism I associate with blogs.

But then… there’s cooking.


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